Look guys, Chuck is the best show on TV.  Sure, Lost has been pretty superb this season, but in the end, there’s no show I look forward to more than Chuck.  It is so consistently entertaining that no matter how crappy your week ahead might look, you can depend on one hour of pure, brilliant escapism.  There hasn’t been an episode yet this season that wasn’t at least good (and with one episode left, I don’t expect that to change).  Unfortunately, Chuck‘s ratings are awful, so it’s up to us to save it.  First you can read this excellent letter to NBC by TV critic Alan Sepinwall in which he makes the case for Chuck‘s renewal, but the rest is up to you.  Watch whatever episodes are up on Hulu, rent the first season (buy it if you have some spare cash), write letters, whatever.  The world of television will be a much sorrier place if it returns this fall without Chuck on board.  In the meantime, here are some SAVE CHUCK images I made in Photoshop.  Choose one or two you like and use it as your Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace profile, computer background, print it on a t-shirt (not necessarily these), whatever.  Only we can save Chuck.  Pictures after the jump…

UPDATE Chuck=saved







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