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15 lyrics from Panda Bear’s Person Pitch that seem dumb and cliched but in the context of his music are gorgeous and feel truly moving and inspirational

October 15, 2009

Person Pitch

  1. “Coolness is having courage to do what’s right/I’ll try to remember always just to have a good time” (“Comfy in Nautica”)
  2. “Get your head out of those mags/And websites who try to shape your style/Take a risk just for yourself/And try to wade into the deep end of the ocean” (“Carrots”)
  3. “When my soul starts growing/I get so hungry/And I wish it never would stop growing” (“Ponytail”)
  4. “I don’t want for us to take pills anymore/Not that it’s bad/Because we’re stronger/And we don’t need them” (“Take Pills”)
  5. “I want you to know sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me/All I need to know I knew so early” (“Carrots”)
  6. “I mean no offense to you/But grow up/Can’t you just grow up?/When are you going to give it your own go?/I know I’m being way too hard but I know that I’m trying” (“Bro’s”)
  7. “Take one day at a time/Everything else you can leave behind/Only one thing at a time/Anything more really hurts your mind” (“Take Pills”)
  8. “Who are you to tell me how/When you’ve got problems of your own/I do love you and/I want to hold onto you for always” (“Bro’s”)
  9. “Hey man, what’s your problem?/Don’t you know that I don’t belong to you?” (“Bro’s”)
  10. “Surely there is no substitute for company” (“Take Pills”)
  11. “It’s so lame that you could take my feelings and make yourself feel like you’re better than anyone else who hasn’t heard” (“Carrots”)
  12. “There’s a reason I work so hard at this stuff/When all I want to do is take it easy” (“Carrots”)
  13. “I’m not trying to forget you/I just like to be alone/Come and give me the space I need/And you may find that we’re alright” (“Bro’s”)
  14. “Is there anyone else in this place/Who can tell me right now don’t be afraid?/There’s no one else who can hang out like I do” (“Good Girl”)
  15. “I know myself/And I know what I want to do/I’m doing my best/And I want to know/Is it good for you?” (“Bro’s”)